Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Dream Day?

A: Dream Day will take place on a Saturday in November or early December 2024.

Q: Why is there no set date for Dream Day?

A: Dream Day will take place before a 76ers home game. The 76ers and NBA schedule will be announced in mid-August. At that time, we will formally announce the set date for Dream Day.

Q: What happens if I register before the date is set and I cannot make it?  

A: Spots are filling up quick, so we recommend registering before the date is set. Once the date is set, we will give registered participants 10 days to cancel and receive a full refund. For the full cancellation policy, please click here.

Q: Which 76ers Legends are going to attend Dream Day? 

A: The full roster of 76ers Legends that will attend Dream Day will be announced in October.

Q: How many players are on each team?

A: Each team will have between six and eight players.

Q: Can I register a team? 

A: Yes! Teams are a popular choice for groups that want to experience Dream Day together.

Q: Who coaches the teams?

A: 76ers Legends will serve as the coaches for each team. Your 76ers Legend will take you through team practice, games, and will be on-hand to enjoy the reception at the Wells Fargo Center and 76ers game.